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Super bowl or Safari, both trigger adrenaline, safari tour operators, brings you close to the big five on a game drive.

On biggames.com and SafariLodges.com you will find one of the best collections of safari opportunities in Africa, which fit all kinds of holiday budgets. Primarily, SafariLodges.com is a planning tool that facilitates and simplifies your research, enquiry and booking process of safaris. All contacts between safari operators and travelers are direct, and all service providers are ground operators, which produces and delivers the services direct to you and your close ones. SafariLodges.com doesn’t give preference to any specific safari operator or operators, our visitors are supreme to us. All our visitors are free to fly around on our maps in search for an adventure. When you decide to send an enquiry you must first "
Register " your contact details. Once you have taken this small step you can take full advantages of the service. And you will find it very convenient when you get several offers, landing in one place. We call this page, " My Safari ", a page where you can monitor the progress of your planning and make decisions on, by declining or accepting offers. This page will also simplify co-ordinations and time table planning. Every time you get a message or an offer into your account, you will be alerted with an e-mail.

Welcome to biggames.com and SafariLodges.com.
Tommy Hemmingsson

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